Stone White Shetland 4ply (2)

SKU: Stone white Shetland 0013 4ply


This yarn is a soft creamy white flecked with grey, reminding me of the colour of the limestone here on the farm when it has been freshly broken open by the plough. It was made by putting a couple of grey katmoget fleeces in with lots of white ones. The darker fibres are distributed through the white in the yarn and these combine in the finished knitting or crochet to give a just-visible random pattern, perhaps better described as a sense of texture. It is a great colour for knitting very simple garments either of a very plain stitch like garter- or stocking-stitch or maybe something a bit more structured, like moss stitch or a basket stitch. For babies or children, it has the advantage over the white Shetland of showing the dirt a little less, but though it looks lovely, I’d consider an altogether darker colour if they are outdoor children!

This colour is very good alone, but if you want to use it for colour work there are six sufficiently different Shetland colours, two Jacobs and the lovely sharply contrasting chocolate-black of the Hebrideans. Stone-white is also available as DK yarn.