Quality, Organic, Free-Range Eggs

Get eggs from our small flock at the Farm Shop, as well as in Fruits of the Earth wholefood shop. We think they're the best tasting eggs you can buy in our area and we're not alone!

Please note that we do not deliver eggs, sorry!

Happy Hens

Organic standards require the highest animal welfare of any system in Britain and our birds have generous access to pasture & beaks unharmed by clipping. We take personal pride in the rich, healthy and stress free lives our animals lead outdoors, on a natural and diverse diet of forage and seeds.

We go beyond Organic standards by moving our small flock onto fresh pasture every week in their caravan "egg-mobile", so they can  enjoy scratching around for their favourite bugs giving them long, rich and interest filled lives, and we get tastier eggs in return. Why settle for anything less?

Delicious & Nutritious

Eggs are naturally low in calories, fat and sugar; research has found eggs from chickens with access to fresh pasture to contain:

  • 60% more vitamin A
  • 300% more vitamin E,
  • 200% more omega-3
  • 700% more beta carotene
  • 30% less cholesterol and saturated fat.

Simply put, eggs from pastured hens are better and because they’re certified Organic, you know their golden yolks result from a naturally enriched diet, and not artificial feed additives. We even lacto-ferment our farm grown chicken feed to make it even more nutritious for the hens and keep them healthier: it's probiotics for poultry!

Rich in flavour and rich in nutrients.

Ethically produced

We feed our hens purely on Organic cereals and seeds grown on the farm, meaning our eggs won't cost the earth:

  • no GMOs, soy or additives
  • no imported feed means no hidden food-miles
  • diet rich in insects and seeds

By keeping our hens in small, mobile flocks so they can gain more of their diet from natural forage rather than feed, making them sustainable and truly local. This is a more labour intensive system than just opening a new bag of imported feed but we feel the results are worth it. Try some and see for yourself!

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