Dark Brown Shetland, DK ball

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn

Breed: Shetland
Colour: Dark Brown
Thickness: DK
Ball size: 50g

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This dark brown is a really dark, with black and moorit fibres colour closely mixed, and with no light coloured or reflective fibres in it. We have three other very dark coloured yarns, the Shetland Natural Black, which is a clean black, the Hebridean yarn which is a very dark chocolate shade with shiny, kempy fibres and our dark Jacob which is essentially a very dark grey with flecks of white.  This dark brown Shetland seems to have the quality of taking light into itself rather than reflecting it. I nearly called it peat-brown, for the quiet matt effect it has.

Use it alone if you want a simple dark garment, and perhaps one which does not draw attention to itself, allowing your other clothes to make their own statement. Or use it as a colour to emphasise the pattern when you are working with any of the brown, fawn and white Shetland colours.

This yarn is good as a contrast colour in particularly with any of the brown and fawn Shetland shades and any of our white or cream yarn.

We also have this colour-batch of wool spun as the finer 4ply yarn.


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