Freshly Milled Stoneground Flour

We sell all our organic, stone-ground, wholemeal flours from the farm shop, and online here. Each batch is freshly milled by us on the farm. For ideas on good ways to use them check our recipe page.

Wheat Flour

We grow an older English wheat variety, Maris Widgeon, which is well suited to organic farming and has been traditionally prized for thatching straw as well as for breadmaking. The whole berry is milled to create this flavourful 100% wholemeal flour which makes a firm and nutty loaf leavened either with yeast, or better, as a sourdough, which we enjoy with preserves or cold cuts. We also use it for cakes, pastries, pancakes, thickening sauces ...

It also works well in a bread-maker, and if mixed with a little organic white flour gives an extra lift which some may prefer. Not as good as a purist's hand made loaf perhaps but easy; and if you set it going in the evening on a timer there is nothing more welcoming than the smell of freshly baked bread wafting up in the morning to set you up for the day.

Rye Flour

Our 100% wholemeal rye flour has a depth of flavour that is excellent combined with charcuterie or cheese. It bakes best as a sourdough with a little caraway seed and, as it is low in gluten, many customers who experience an intolerance to wheat enjoy it. Our rye also makes a lovely moist ginger cake or savoury pastry.

Wheat and rye flours are available in 1.5kg, 5kg, 15kg and 25kg bags

Barley flour

Barley flour makes a lovely but fairly dense loaf which is slightly sweet and full of flavour. For hundreds of years this was a staple food in England, especially for the rural poor, but it went out of favour as wheat became more grown. We think it deserves a revival.

In 500g bags as standard. Larger quantities available on request.

Pea Flour

High in protein, fibre and flavour, this latest addition to our range is milled from organic yellow peas grown on the farm. It makes an excellent fritter or pancake as well as working wonderfully as a thickener for stews. We are still exploring it's potential: try it as a home-grown non-gluten alternative to wheat flour or use it instead of chick pea (gram) flour for batter or as an egg substitute.

In 500g bags

Wholegrain Cereals & Pulses

We sell all our organic wholegrains and pulses from the farm shop, and online here.

Whole Wheat and Rye grain and Pot Barley

Mill your own flour from our whole wheat or rye for the freshest bread possible, or sprout the grains to go into salads or stir-fry. Cook whole wheat or pot barley as an alternative to rice.

Packed in 500g bags and from 1.5kg up to 25kg sacks. 

Dried field peas

We are very pleased to now be able to offer our dried yellow peas. We think these home-grown peas taste good and are a perfect substitute for imported pulses. Soak overnight, then slow simmer or pressure cook them with a bouquet of spices. Add to your chilli con carne instead of red kidney beans or use them for a "traditional" pea and lamb stew.

In 500g bags

Rolled cereals

Keep checking back - we hope to have rolled wheat, rye and barley available soon!

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