Organic Milling Rye Grain

Whole organic rye grains in larger quantities. Suitable both for home milling and larger scale mills; we currently supply a number of water mills in the South-West. For trade discounts on large quantities, please contact us.

Our 2021 harvested grain includes a small amount of black almost spherical seeds from the wild vetch which was growing amongst the crop. Whilst every effort has been made to remove them when cleaning the crop they are actually the same size as the cereal grains and so very difficult to eliminate completely. We believe that they do not adversely affect the flavour or usability of the milled flour. When using grain whole they can be ignored, or if preferred can be picked out by hand.

Jan 2022: We are sorry but stocks of rye are already very limited so at present we have limited orders to 1 x 5kg per order

5kg      £6.28

15kg    £14.66*

25kg    £20.95*

*Please note that we don’t always hold large stock in these sizes, and there may therefore be a short delay in sending this to you. If so we will email you with more details when you order, or contact us for more information.


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5kg, 15kg*, 25kg*