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We believe so strongly that what we produce is brilliant that we rarely eat anything else! Here are some of our staple recipes that we use again and again. These recipes are included to encourage and give confidence. The best way to use them is to try them out once or twice and then throw them away and adapt them on your own! Sometimes we get hung up on recipes as if there was only one way to do it. Cooking is an individual exploration - using the same materials and the same basic method two people will still create two different products. Please develop these to suit your own tastes - and let us know the results!

Rosie’s Sourdough from start to end

Rosie has worked out a great and consistent recipe for using our flour to create delicious loaves of bread. Here ...
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Ben’s birthday pancakes

Wholemeal pancakes are the next step up in pancake making. A richer flavour, as well as a richer product, these ...
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Ellen’s mutton Pie

Our mutton comes from ewes at the end of a long and comfortable life and so is perhaps the most ...
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Tamarisk sour-dough bread

Sour-dough breads have long been common outside Britain, particularly Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Germany. The process is akin to that ...
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Basic machine loaf

The breadmaking machine might be condemned as the lazy way to bake but the current fashion for them is encouraging ...
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Long rise rye bread

The distinctive rich flavour of this bread is similar to the traditional sour-dough common in Germany. It requires a little ...
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Simple rye soda bread

Soda bread is a traditional Irish wheat loaf, but we like to use rye or barley for ours. These flours ...
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Josephine’s regular – the Grant loaf

This is the easiest and quickest bread ever. It was publicised widely during the war by Doris Grant to encourage ...
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Adam’s basic wholemeal wheat loaf

 This is our staple bread and doesn’t take long to make once you are in the routine. Variations are endless ...
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