Organic Pot Barley

Our pot barley is a lovely home-grown substitute for rice for any meal. Alternatively you can cook it in advance to add to a salad, or even use it in a sweet pudding; it is delicious and versatile. Now available in larger quantities.



1.5kg        £3.88

5kg*         £11.64

15kg*       £27.17

25kg*       £38.81


*Please note that we don’t always hold large stocks of pot barley, and there may therefore be a short delay in sending this to you. If so we will email you with more details when you order, or contact us for more information.


Cleaned barley is first dehusked to take off the sharp awms and the papery layer attached to the grains. This we do as lightly as possible in order to retain as much of the grain, fibre and germ as we can. This is “pot barley” (as distinct from “pearl barley”, which can be bought in supermarkets, which has been polished down further to smaller, near spherical grains more equivalent to a “white” as opposed to “wholemeal” product).

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1.5kg, 5kg, 15kg*, 25kg*