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Woolly jumpers for woolly grazers (Bridport Times, June 2019)

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Written by Leila Simon

Sheep grow wool. It is perhaps the feature which defines them most for people who are not part of the farming world. We need to shear them every year, taking off their wool and leaving them cool and comfortable for the summer, and making flystrike much less likely. Wool is also a valuable product: once vital to the English economy it was eclipsed first by cotton and then by artificial fibres. More recently, society is beginning to see its value again, using it not only as an eco-friendly alternative to polyester and nylon clothing, to start reducing the pollution of the oceans, but also as a replacement for glass fibre and plastic bubble-wrap. It is used in a wide variety of forms from building insulation to packaging: we send our meat boxes out packed in wool and we have our own wool spun as knitting yarn (see Bridport Times September 2018).

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Knitting and Wool – Saturday 6th of October

To coincide with British Wool Week and the Campaign for Wool, a join us for a walk and talk showcasing our beautiful organic knitting wool.

From the middle of the 13th century the wool trade was the primary source of wealth in England. It generated the capital to build the magnificent stone churches in Somerset and formed the basis for international trade and in due course to the development of the British empire and colonies. With the recent resurgence of interest in natural fibres and in the crafts of knitting, crochet and felting this is a lovely opportunity to find out about wool and reconnect with our history.

With 5 different traditional breeds of sheep (Dorset Down, Shetland, Hebridean, Jacob and Herdwick) we now sell balls of organic wool in many natural colours and 4 thicknesses, as well as the excellent lamb and mutton. We will meet the sheep in the fields,

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