Beautiful colours and textures

Our heritage breeds produce a wide range of colours. Like our knitting wools, the variety of sheep that we have means that there's plenty to choose from.


Often among the larger of our sheepskins, these are a beautiful creamy-white, and wear well with time. Suitable for a luxurious bedside mat.


Hard-wearing, with a long staple, the Hebridean fleeces are often sun-bleached at the tips which produces a natural variegated colour across the wool. We usually leave these long and shaggy.


The softest and most delicate of our sheepskins, and most varied in colour. Perfect for babies blankets, or for those with more sensitive skin.


Wonderfully spotty, dotty, and pretty, these bold sheepskins will make a statement wherever you choose to place it.


Our newest breed of sheep, Herdwicks are born black, and as they age their fleece begins to turn white. This produces delightful skins in a range of silver-grey colours, and always lustrous.

Our sheepskins

Each sheepskin is unique. If you wish to see the sheepskin we intend to send before we do so, please email us and we will email you a picture. Please note that this is likely to add between 2-5 days onto postage times, as we cannot guarantee to do this immediately for you. If you have any concerns or confusion, please don't hesitate to email or call us.

Our sheepskins are processed not far from us in Devon by the oldest sheepskin tannery in Britain using traditional techniques. This means that the curing process is not Organically certified, however they all come from our organic sheep here on the farm. We aim to minimise the chemicals that we use on the farm, which means that there will be no residual chemicals in the fleece. At present, we feel that this is the best compromise we can offer for quality, local production, and price.

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