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Grass-fed Organic Beef Fat

Roast potatoes will never be the same again. Grass-fed beef fat from our native breed Ruby Red Devon cattle.


Cooking this fat in the oven or a slow cooker will render out buttery soft beef dripping, leaving behind crispy cracklings which is lovely with salt & balsamic vinegar or simply a treat for a lucky dog or cat.

Rendering fat is an easy, affordable thing you can do to add natural flavor and substance to your home cooking and baking. Beef fat from certified grass-fed cattle is rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, and B1, and naturally higher in omega-3 than grain finished cattle. Rendering is simply a matter of evaporating water from the fat to extend its shelf life. Sealed hot in jars, it can last for months even at room temperature. It’s versatile and has the high smoke point required for frying and searing. We also use dripping to make a wonderful two ingredient moisturising homemade soap, or mix it with melted beeswax to make traditional dubbin to keep our leather boots supple, waterproof and strong.

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