Organic Stewing Hen

Like chicken used to taste:

Have you ever tried pot hen? Its the flavour of a by-gone time, when chickens only went into a casserole dish after having lived a long, carefree life laying eggs out on pasture, accumulating incredible depth of flavour over a life that is 18 times longer than hen raised to go straight from field to the table after only 6 weeks.

Braised slowly in a stock pot to render any toughness into the rich flavour and succulence that an intensively reared, fast grown hen just cannot produce. They are smaller birds than those bred for their meat, so plan accordingly.

To cook an older hen, you need a little more patience but it’s super simple: slow and low cooking just as you would a lamb shoulder or beef shin, this means a few hours simmering in a little liquid (we prefer cider or red wine) in a lidded pot with whatever herbs, spices and vegetables take your fancy.

Expected size ~1kg.

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