Herdwick, Aran ball

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn

Breed: Herdwick
Colour: Rough grey
Thickness: Aran
Ball size: 50g
Length: 70m

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This yarn is a strong mid-grey with a touch of brown. It has brilliant depth of colour and a very strong, lively presence. It is made from the fleece of one of the most hardy sheep in the country. It kept the cold and wet off the sheep and it can do the same for you. The only difficulty is that your skin gets to feel the wool, whereas the sheep’s skin does not. Herdwick wool is made of fibres of very many different thicknesses and the thickest are substantial enough to be uncomfortable next to your skin. The varying thickness and colour of the fibres are what makes the yarn so very attractive and so warm and weather resistant. As much of the fibre is thick and some is short, it needs to be twisted more tightly, so it is is altogther harder and tougher than all our other yarns. This wool is for outer garments mostly for outdoor people.

We have this wool in DK and Aran. The DK allows you to knit a somewhat finer garment than the Aran. I would not use this yarn for much colour-work; it is too different in character to the others, but a contrasting light or dark stripe does work well.



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