Leg of Hogget

Organic, Hogget Leg from native breed sheep that are certified 100% grass-fed.

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For an extra satisfying Sunday roast: Hogget roasts are that halfway point between your run-of-the-mill lamb roast, and the dedication to flavour of a mutton pot-roast. Still great for oven roasts, but with that bit extra flavour.

average weight: 1 kg
maximum weight: 1.5 kg

Hogget is an old English word for sheep which are older than lamb but younger than mutton. Our older breeds (such as Shetlands and Hebrideans) are closer to the wild ancestors of sheep, meaning they are hardy and mature more slowly, developing deeper flavour as they graze the herbs, shrubs and wild flowers. Aged on the bone for a week to further intensify their flavour and tenderise the meat: for those who seek rich flavour then our hogget is the natural choice.

Our organic hogget is slow matured on a 100% grass-fed diet, produced from sheep who have lived healthy, interest filled lives with a sea view looking out over the Jurassic Coast. The quality of our meat reflects their varied diet, as well as the careful management and high-welfare standards that we have for our flocks.

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Weight 1.5 kg