Organic Mutton Mince, 5oo g

Organic mutton mince from native breed sheep that are certified 100% grass-fed. Take your shepherds pie to the next level of flavour!

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Mince is convenient way to eat mutton without getting out the slow-cooker or pre-heating the oven. Be it shepherd’s pie, kofta, or meat balls, back in the day lamb was rare because wool was the primary reason for rearing sheep: so if you want authentic, deep flavour, mutton is the lamb aficionado’s next step. Perfect for a spaghetti bolognese with a twist.

All our mutton is hung on the bone for a week before butchery to develop flavour and tenderness. Our local butcher Paul then carefully trims any excess fat before mincing; to ensure it has the perfect balance.

Our organic mutton is slow matured over several years on a 100% grass-fed diet, produced from our retired ewes that have lived healthy, interest filled lives with a sea view looking out over the Jurassic Coast. The quality of our meat reflects their varied diet, as well as the careful management and high-welfare standards that we have for our flocks.

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